Sample Menu 3


Whole Grain olive oil toast assortment: Avocado toast with lemon, Aleppo pepper, Maldon/ House made mixed nut butter with honey/ Fresh labneh, peaches and mint 

Greens with strawberries and toasted almonds with tamari honey vinaigrette

Hard boiled egg halves with cracked pepper 

Banana kaffir lime loaf

Housemade honey cashew granola

Yogurt and berries

Organic Black Fuel coffee bar with organic half and half and almond milk


Buckwheat Soba with shiitakes, caramelized carrots and charred green onions in sesame kumquat vinaigrette and toasted sesame and peanuts

Shoyu marinated pan-roasted chicken thighs

Shoyu marinated roasted tofu with fig

Garlic roasted asparagus

Slaw with with toasted cashews and avocado in a soy/lime/serrano vinaigrette

Scallion pancakes

Dark chocolate chunk cookies with crushed espresso beans and Maldon

Tracy Marcellino