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Tiffany Hendryx (left) and Tracy Marcellino Aubert (right)

BS&B founders/ chefs/ buttersmiths/ sisters



We are sisters with a shared cooking obsession which has spanned continents.  Tracy cut her teeth as a private chef and in high-end catering in San Francisco. She also had the experience of working for Taste Catering, which was the largest catering company in the city. With Taste, she developed an appreciation for the ballet of large scale by working on huge events such as the opening of AT&T park, the opening of the International Terminal at SFO, MOMA, The DeYoung Museum, City Hall and all sorts of Silicon Valley events. Tiffany started a private supper club when she was living in Barcelona. She made custom prix fixe menus to serve an eclectic crowd of travelers and locals. When we both found ourselves in Los Angeles, we knew it was time to get together and start something.  By that time, we'd come a long way from our latchkey kid childhood kitchen experiments which included melting a mercury thermometer in the microwave in the name of science and making homemade bagels/doorstoppers before we knew about yeast.

Blood, Sweat and Butter was hatched at a kitchen table by one very pregnant sister (Tracy) and one very optimistic sister (Tiffany).  What started as a baking business quickly blossomed into full service catering.  We have served our custom fare in Hollywood studios, under Eucalyptus trees in the canyons, poolside in Beverly Hills and even in a dusty garage in an aging mid-century Malibu mansion. We love the adventure of ever-changing locations, the challenge of continually growing, and the good fortune of getting to work together.  We are truly living our dream and that passion spills over into every job we do.* 

*Truthfully, we are living our second place dream. We secretly believe we should have our own comedy sketch show but no one seems to share that belief outside of our kitchen domain. We like to think of ourselves as the Coen brothers meets the Schumer sisters meets the Murderinos of catering.