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Inspired's not that we wouldn't wheel out a cart with a flaming prime rib if you really really wanted us to but  there is no reason that a catered event can't be a new culinary experience for you and your guests.  We jump at the opportunity to try new things and are happy to come up with  a custom menu just for you.

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On set, we feel like we are part of the team and that team functions best when well-nourished by food made with care. We are accustomed to dietary concerns and address them with fully conceived alternatives. From developing a gluten free breakfast bread to constantly trying new flavorful vegetable dishes, we continually strive to keep it interesting and health-conscious.   For those that thrive with a little sugar and butter, we are never without house made desserts. Most importantly, we know that having food that your crew can look forward to keeps morale high, even under stressful circumstances and tight schedules.  


"This tastes like an angel just gave birth in my mouth."

— Amanda Merten, fashion stylist (on a Levi's set with a mouthful of our chocolate and salted caramel tart)